A Dobermann puppy

A Border Collie puppy

Sleeping puppy


The puppies and cubs of all members of the dog family look similar when they are a newborn.They are small, defenceless, and blind. Their appearance is they have short hair, short legs and a little tail. Like all mammals, the puppies may vary from one to twelve, will suck milk from their mothers. After a few days, their eyes open, they begin to hear, and they soon will need more solid food. The mother gives birth to the puppies 63 days after she has mated.

It is essential that all puppies be allowed space in which to play. They must have exercise in order to grow properly. In equal importance, puppies need to learn social interaction with other dogs and with humans. As they are puppies, make sure they get enough rest! Like human babies, they need to spend a lot of their time sleeping!

A puppy needs someone to be around all the time while it settles into a new home. It may chew things and have accidents while it is being house trained, It will be a great playmate and will bond with the owner very quickly. They will need round the clock care and attention until they become more confident.

If you are picking out a puppy, here are some key things to look for in a new puppy.

  1. Alertness
  2. Friendliness
  3. A calm nature
  4. Fluffy fur with no sore patches
  5. A plump (but not fat) body
  6. A clean rear
  7. Bright eyes
  8. A cool, damp nose
  9. Curiosity