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Welcome to the Tips and Tricks page. Here you can find some tips and tutorials which can be useful for you. There are some tips to protect your computer from phishing, scams , viruses and many other threats which can expose your personal information. Also, You can find some helpful keyboard shortcuts to use. Computers are essential to many people around the world and these tips can help them to become more of an advanced user. In this section I will mostly talk about Windows and Internet Explorer.

1-Top 5 Internet Explorer shortcuts to use:
To do what? Keyboard shortcut
Open a new Ctrl+T
Close tab Ctrl+W
Print the current page Ctrl+P
Refresh page F5
Switch between tabs Ctrl+Tab
2-Check your privacy and security setting in Internet Explorer
To open Internet Explorer Security Setting:
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on the tools button and then click on the Internet options
  3. Click on the Privacy tab
I found this very helpful so always check the setting to make sure they are on the recommended levels. You could do the same thin for the Security setting. You could change or adjust levels in different zones like Internet, Local Intranet, Trusted Sites, and Restricted Sites.
Internet privacy setting
3-Turn on Tracking Protection
To turn Tracking Protection on:
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on Mange ad-ons
  3. Click on Tracking Protection
I didn’t know much about Tracking Protection but recently I found this setting really useful. Basically this gets rid of annoying content like advertisements and protects your online privacy and security. If you haven’t turned on Tracking Protection I suggest you to do it because you will take a farther step to protect yourself online. Tracking Protection
4-Antivirus Protection
Safety and Security are my biggest concerns when using PC but Antivirus and Malware protections will definitely help to reduce the risks of many threats online or offline. Some of you have Antivirus programs already but there are some great programs that are as good as the paid versions of many other products. You can visit the links below if you want to download or find more information about Avast and Anti-Virus Guard. They are one of the most popular Antivirus programs around the world.
5-Make your PC use less power
There are a lot of reasons to save power on your PC or laptop. If you have a gaming desktop or a laptop you might be concerned with the energy your device uses overtime. I have a laptop myself and if I don’t have my power supply/adapter or can’t plug it into anywhere my laptop would lose a lot of energy overtime. So I recommend anyone who has the same problem to just follow the steps below to reduce some of the problems with the energy use of your PC or laptop.
  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Search for Power Options
  3. Then go to “Choose When to turn off the display”
You can set the time on both of these display options. The faster you set the computer to either “go to sleep or “turn of the display” the more energy you save on your PC. Also there is an option click on advanced setting if you want to adjust some of the other options yourself. Power Options

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