ASSIGNMENT: Computer Components Shopping Cart

For this assignment students will 'build' a virtual personal computer by adding all the components needed to a virtual shopping cart. Students will select all necessary products computer component retailer PC Part Picker, and add their chosen components to the site's shopping cart. The chosen computer components should all hypothetically work together to form a functioning PC. Use the notes on components below to help you decide which components to 'buy'.

Look up the recommended hardware specs for your favorite game. Example: PlayerUnknown Battleground System Requirements. Build a computer that includes a mouse, keyboard and monitor and meets these specs. See what you can do for $2000. Suggestion: Check out the Build Guide for sample computers.

WARNING: Be Careful! When you add items to your shopping cart, you must *leave your web browser OPEN*. If you close your web browser, log off, or restart your computer you may lose your current browser cookie session which means you will lose the contents of your cart! I suggest copying-and-pasting URLs of the items you want to 'buy' into a new Google Document if you think this assignment will take you more than one class.

HAND-IN INSTRUCTIONS: Once your shopping cart has all necessary items to build a computer, PRINT your shopping cart out on paper. Staple pages together, write your first/last names on it, and hand it in physically to Ms. Wear.
  1. Computer Processor (CPU):
  2. Motherboard:
  3. Computer Case:
  4. Power Supply:
  5. RAM:
  6. Video Card:
  7. Hard Drive:
  8. Optical Drive (optional):
  9. Operating System:
  10. Input: Keyboard and Mouse
  11. Monitor