Cool Horse Stuff Game

This project is very open ended. You are to write a game that will be entertaining for little girls who love horses. If it is stellar, it will be hosted on, the most rockingest website in the whole world. Example: The Great Horse Escape on


Evaluation (/90)

Milestone 1 (/10) Due Wednesday June 5

  1. Complete a home page for the game, complete with instructions and a way to begin the game (button or keyboard press or some other creative way).
  2. When the Begin Button is clicked, the first screen of the game is loaded.
  3. The game must respond to either a keyboard event, or mouse event (this might be as simple as an alert or console.log) The main part of the functionality is working.

Milestone 2 (/10) Due Wednesday June 12

  1. Player can play a game (or one level) and win and lose, or go to the next level.

Final Game due Due Block B: Wednesday June 19, Block C: Tuesday June 18

Presentation (/10)

  1. easy to use interface
  2. modern attractive design using CSS
  3. title
  4. instructions
  5. No copyrights broken (if you use any images not created by you, include a text file with links to the original source and licensing to all images)

Project Design and Functionality(/40)

  1. has a purpose: interesting, fun and/or educational
  2. works
  3. robust (cannot crash it)
  4. reliable (behaviour is reliable)
  5. error checking (can handle extreme cases and invalid input)

Cross-Browser Compatibility(/5)

Your game must indicate on which of the following browsers installed on the school computers it does and does not work:
  1. Chrome(/1)
  2. Opera (/1)
  3. IE 11 (/1)
  4. Edge (/1)
  5. Firefox(/1)

Code (/15)

  1. Written by you. Any open source code must be obviously and thoroughly commented, giving credit to the source
  2. Valid CSS
  3. Valid HTML5
  4. Javascript code looks like Java (formatting, comments)
  5. Separation of languages.

Early Submission Bonus (+4)

  1. If handed in by end of class Wednesday June 12, 4 bonus marks.
  2. If handed in by end of class Thursday June 13, 3 bonus marks.
  3. If handed in by end of class Friday June 14, 2 bonus mark.
  4. If handed in by end of class Monday June 17, 1 bonus marks.