Comp Sci 11: Hardware Lab

The goal of this lab is to acquaint yourself with computer hardware and taking computers apart.

Part 1: Protection Against Static Electricity

Before beginning part two of this lab, you must read this How to ground yourself.

Part 2: Identify The Hardware

Complete the following steps:

  1. With a partner, claim, and label an old computer from the IT Lab.
  2. Hook the computer up to the testing center and see if it works.
  3. Remove the case.
  4. Use this site and Google to help you to identify the following hardware components:
    1. CPU
    2. RAM
    3. CD-ROM
    4. Floppy Drive
    5. Hard Drive
    6. Video Card
    7. Network Card
    8. Sound Card
    9. Motherboard
    10. Power Supply

Part 3: Taking it Apart

After you take the computer apart, you MUST put it back together into its original state. Use the How to take a computer apart article for reference. Use masking tape to label cables and your phone to take photos before taking it apart.

  1. Remove the RAM.
  2. Remove the harddrive.
  3. Remove the any cards in the machine (network, sound, video). If you have a cheap machine, it won't have any cards. :(
  4. Remove the CD Drive if there is one.
  5. Remove the floppy drive if there is one.
  6. Remove the Power Supply.
  7. Show Ms. Wear. Answer some verbal questions.
  8. Put it all back.
  9. Boot it up. If it works, show Ms. Wear. If it doesn't work, fix it.
  10. Shut it down and put it back where you originally got it from.