Pixlr Assignment - Tall Ships

This exercise tests your skills using the Clone Tool, the Spot Heal Tool, the Color Replace tool, and other tools in Pixlr to remove elements from an image.

  1. Open canon_battle_original.jpg in Pixlr.

  2. Use the clone tools to remove all modern day objects as shown in the image below: Canon Battle

  3. Save your project to your network drive (H: drive) as yourname_tallships.jpg

  4. Hand in to Student Shared > Wear_IT > Hand-in > IT9_10 > Pixlr Tall Ships

  5. Evaluation out of 15:

    /10 The new image should have all required elements found in the 7 circles removed. The really big circle is worth 3.
    /5 The new image should look like it has not been modified
        -1 for each "ghost area" (an area in the water or sky that doesn't look right) up to -5.