IT 9/10 Files and Software Assignment

Copy and paste this documents into Google docs. Answer all the questions. Title the document IT 9/10 Files and Software Assignment. You will be tested on this material.

Bits and Bytes

Fill in the table:

What are the possible values for a bit? 
How many bits are in a byte? 
What symbol is used for byte? 
About how many bytes are in a kilobyte? 
About how many bytes are in a megabyte? 
About how many bytes are in a gigabyte? 
About how many bytes are in a terabyte? 

Files Exercise

Use Google, and your own knowledge, to complete the table.

File ExtensionBinary or Ascii FormatHow To EditHow to View

Software Categories and Usage Rules

  1. Complete the table below.
  2. First, look for each program below on the school computers.
  3. If you need more information, look up each software package on Google.
  4. Software Categories include office suite, web browser, graphics editor etc. Usage Rules include Freeware, Demoware/Payware and Open Source.
Software Package Category Usage Rules Online or Installed
Avast Internet Security     
Google Docs     
Microsoft Office