Welcome to Skipper's Place!
jump This website is all about my favourite hobby, skip-roping.
Before you begin reading, please note that I will only talk about a short rope and its individual (one person) tricks.

The majority of the population thinks that rope-skipping is just for little girls, but that is not true. Rope skipping is a great way to improve fiteness levels for all genders and ages.

Although rope skipping may seem easy, it is far more energy consuming than it looks. Ten minutes of skipping is said to be equivalent to the calorie consumption of jogging for 30 minutes.
In addition to burning the excess calories, rope skipping improves your nody coordination, speed, and agility. In other words, rope skipping can train you in every aspect of physical activities.

Many people fear that the repititive skipping in one fixed spot is harmful to calf muscles and stresses your ankle joints; however, when done correctly with warm ups and cool downs, rope skipping is nothing hazardous about rope skipping. In fact, the natural motion that rope skipping creates forces you to move from one spot to another, causing to switch your weight balance every now and then. This natural and constant weight shift prevents the damage to your leg muscles.

The best part about skip-roping is its enourmous number of tricks; there are millions of them, and you can also be creative and make them yourself. A great variety of tricks means that there are many easy tricks that allows beginner to improve drastically. If you are a very beginner, then I would say that you can learn at least 5 tricks in a matter of an hour. However the rate of learning new tricks does get slower and slower as you progress, but at that point, you would be hooked on skip-roping and the practice would actually be fun!