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Welcome to the "Cube Stuff" page where you can find neat little facts and information about - The Rubik's Cube.


History of the Cube
Variations of the Cube
Official Records

History of the Cube

Ernõ Rubik invented the Rubik's Cube in 1974.
He was a Hungarian inventor, and he was a professor of architecture.
His Wikipedia profile can be found here

It was known as a "Magic Cube" and it wasn't until 1980 that it was called what we call today: The Rubik's Cube.

Now, it is said that hundred millions are sold throughout the globe and the variations have really high sales as well.

I personally have a 3x3, a 3x3 Disney, a 4x4 and a 5x5.

Variations of the Cube

There are many variations of the standard 3x3, some of them I know are:

  • The 2x2.
  • The 4x4.
  • The 5x5.
  • The Sudoku Cube. (or Sudokube)
  • The Idiot's Cube.
  • Square-1.
  • Skewb.

I personally have never seen a Skewb, but it should be easy to solve... (hehe)... Back to top.


When you feel confident enough to take on the best of the best, feel free to enter some tournaments.
You can check out where its going to happen and stuff on World Cube Association's site

Here are the rules + regulations that you need to follow here.

I'll be cheering for you if you decided to join. ;)

Official + Unofficial Records

Here are the Official Records* of the cubes:

Single solves:

  • Rubik's 3x3: Ron van Bruchem - 9.55 seconds.
  • Rubik's 4x4: Mátyás Kuti - 46.63 seconds.
  • Rubik's 5x5: Erik Akkersdijk - 1:30.03.
  • Rubik's 2x2: Ron van Bruchem - 2.65 seconds.
  • Rubik's 3x3 Blindfold: Mátyás Kuti - 54.83 seconds.
  • Rubik's 4x4 Blindfold: Mátyás Kuti - 5:26.03.
  • Rubik's 5x5 Blindfold: Mátyás Kuti - 10:05.16.

Average solves (out of 5):

  • Rubik's 3x3: Yu Jeong-Min - 11.76 seconds.
  • Rubik's 4x4: Mátyás Kuti - 58.15 seconds.
  • Rubik's 5x5: Erik Akkersdijk - 1:36.71.
  • Rubik's 2x2: Lukasz Cialon - 3.91 seconds.

These are the Official Records.
To beat these times (I'm sure you could), you have to enter an official competition to actually validate.
Private or Unofficial tournaments won't count but...

You can always enter your unofficial records here, on

*Taken from World Cube Association

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