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The theme of my site is moss, why? Because it is one of my favourite primitive plants; these Bryophytes are diverse, non-vascular plants, which are found throughout Earth. The image forming the basis of my site was taken while on a walk around Cedar Hill Golf Course, where I spotted the backlit moss growing on a tree. I searched for a sporophyte (the part of the plant that stores the spores that will eventually create new plants), which would bring a new level to the image. I was using my new 50mm lens with an extension tube attached so that I could take a macro shot. The depth of field was so small that focusing was extremely difficult, but eventually, by leaning on the tree for support, I got an acceptable image.
The soft, green carpet formed by moss is prevalent in Japanese gardens. I characterize the gardens with their flat moss-hewn floors broken intermittently by vertical trees, suddenly emerging from the monotony of the moss. Older items in their gardens are covered in moss, thus denoting their ancient existence.