An image of two board games pieces and two die.

Board Games

Many board games use dice results to tell the player how far they have to move their token or symbol. These board games sometimes use one or two die. Six sided dice can also be used to see who moves first in a game. These games normally use a six sided die or two six sided dice. Some games have six sided die with letters or symbols that tie into part of the game. Other games use dice to see if you are even allowed to move your token or symbol. Dice can also be tied in with card games to see the result of certain cards or determine how many cards you can get.


Roleplaying Games and Gambling

They can also Roleplaying games use six sided die and the other sided dies. The dice results represent movement, how well you do something, damage or who goes first. Many gambling games use dice. The dice show luck and chance of winning. In some betting games, people bet on dice rolls and depending if they get it right they win money.


Teaching Math

Probability problems and math lessons use dice because they can represent the chance of something happening. A six sided die has a one in six chance of getting one particular result on the die so combinations of dice have different chances of getting certain sets of results. They can be used on probability tests since almost all students know about dice and it helps by acting as a visualization tool. Math teachers like to use dice because they are a good visual representation of probability and can be used in lessons where the students roll the dice and write down the result. Mostly six sided die are used for math lessons because the other types of die are less common and harder to purchase.