An image of four six sided die.

What are they?

Six sided dice are the most common dice out of all the types of dice. They are cubes with dots painted on the sides to represent the numbers between one and six. There is only one number on each face. The cube is chosen to be the shape of a six sided because it has six equal sides that the numbers can be put on. The numbers are indicated by the number of dots on the side, where one dot means the number one and so on. These dots are normally painted on or dug out of the die. You can find dice and the dots on them in many different colours. Some dice are also clear.

An image of old six sided die.

Other information

Dice have been used by the Egyptians and were continued to be used since. The first dice were very crude with rough edges and were hand made. Casinos normally use painted dots that are later sanded down so the sides of the dice are flat so nobody gets upset about the dice being rigged. The way to use a six sided die is to either shake it or have it roll off your hand onto a flat surface. The result of the die is read by looking at the number that is facing upwards. In theory, six sided die should have a one in six chance to roll any number that is between one and six, but sometimes die are tampered. This causes the die to roll on one side more frequently, and thus making the chance of rolling each number not equal.


Circular Die

Circular dice are like normal six sided dice, but they are spheres. The way they work is the inside of the dice is shaped like a cube that is rotated so each vertex of the cube points to a different dotted section. These dotted sections are equally spread across the sphere. Then a small spherical weight is put into the rotated cube so when the die is shook and rolled, the weight falls into a different corner of this rotated cube and gives the result.