Poly Dice

A site on the many different types dice and their uses

An image of a six sided die.

Six Sided Dice

Six sided dice are the most commmon type of dice that exist on Earth and are also the first type of die invented.

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An image of four, eight, ten, twelve and twenty sided die.

Four, Eight, and Ten Sided Dice

Four, eight and ten sided die are less common than six sided die, but are also used in some events.

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An image of a twenty sided dice with other types of dice in the background.

Twelve and Twenty Sided Dice

Twelve and twenty sided die are other dice that are also less common than the six sided die, but are more commonly found than the other types.

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An image of many different types of dice.

Uses of Dice

Dice are commonly used in board games, roleplaying games, gambling and probability problems.

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