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Welcome to my Photography Portfolio

Welcome to my photography portfolio. You'll find my best works and personal and unique techniques beyond the basics. I will also give a quick glimpse of my favourite local locations around Greater Victoria to photograph images, and demonstrate some of my photographic equipment, editing tools, and other important hardware and software to produce the stunning imagery on and off of this site.

Fred Smith is a amateur freelance photographer currently residing in Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

I am inspired everyday to create gorgeus prints of whatever I find. My interest first grew when my uncle handed down a mid-sized point and shoot to me when I was a bit younger. From that point, that little box that could freeze life always fascinated me. As I got older, I became more and more passionate about creating beautiful pictures. So, here I am today with better gear and the will power to create stunning photos every opportunity I get. My goal is to produce the highest professional quality prints everytime I shoot a picture.

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