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The Magical World of Patterns

Hony Apolidea

Hi, my name is Hony Apolidea. Welcome to the Magical World of Patterns.

"Pattern is anything that repeats."--Bill Nye
the world of patterns

"Patterns" do not confine themselves to the recurrent designs of calico or the hexagons of my beehive. Instead, the broad definition of a "pattern" covers everything that repeats in succession--from images and music to your name and sunrise and sunset.

Speaking of patterns, the most fascinating of them all has to be math... "EWWWWW!!! Math???!!!" ...Yes I know, but don't worry--although math may be like spiders to you at this point, we'll be going through an exciting journey exploring the fun highlights of number patterns and by the time we're finished, math will look so straightforward AND fun that it may be like honey!

...We're at the gate of our first garden!

© 2009 Grace HY Ma