Nuclear Power


Nuclear power sounds to good to be true but there are serious problems when using it.

A list of concerns about for Nuclear energy:

  • Nuclear energy is initially unaffordable due to new reactors costing approximately 14 billion dollars each.
  • Uranium-235 is in limited supply and known sources could be depleted by 2026 if nuclear power continues growing.
  • Security concerns regarding risks of terrorism onto power plants. An attack could potentially cause a nuclear reactor meltdown releasing tonnes of radioactive elements in the atmosphere.
  • Once every country begins to utilize nuclear power, nuclear weapons will be easily created and a nuclear war could become a major threat.
  • There is always a constant risk of a catastrophic reactor accident by a mechanical accident or human error. An example would be the Chernobyl disaster.
  • Nuclear waste can be dangerously radioactive for tens of thousands of years and scientists still have no solid plan to transport, store, reuse or dispose of it.
  • If a nuclear dump site is ever found, it will put a serious risk to all living organism in the area due to the immense radioactivity of the elements created from the fission of Uranium-235.

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