The Future of

Nuclear Power

Just some little thoughts about what might happen to nuclear power in the future. Enjoy:

  • As our supply of fossil fuels slowly decrease, scientists are finding new ways to make energy that will create power more efficiently.
  • As nuclear weapons become more powerful, more countries will also want nuclear power plants to power their country. Hydro, solar, geothermal, wind and nuclear power are all being researched and tested.
  • However, nuclear energy is the best and will be one of the future's main sources of energy.
  • Future technologies will design power plants that will maximize the safety so they will not melt down.
  • Alternative methods of disposing of nuclear waste are being proposed like disposal in space, ocean floors or mountains.
  • Nuclear fusion is still being developed but a small amount of fuel the size of a small ball bearing can produce as much energy as a barrel of gasoline.
  • Currently power plants all use nuclear fission whereas the sun uses nuclear fusion.
  • So far fusion on Earth has not been a success and all attempts at fusion have consumed more energy than they have produced.

A Cool


A Nuclear Power Plant

A nuclear power plant in action