Manicure Must-Haves

Whether you're just starting off in nail art, or a veteran, you are probably extremely proud of your nail polish collection. And if you're like me, intensely attached to it. The point is, every nail artist has their nail polish arsenal. Maybe you have hundreds of bottles or just a few, but there are some bare necessities that every one needs to have. Here's a list of my must-haves.
  • Base Coat. You can't go without this one. It's your protection for the nails. No base coat = stained nails. It's that easy.
  • Top Coat. Almost as important as the base coat, the top coat protects your nail art. No matter how great your polishes are, a top coat will always prolong your manicure's life.
  • White Polish. The first color polish you buy should be this one. You can't do something as basic as french tips without it.
  • White Striper. Lots of nail art designs include thin white elements and you simply can't do them without a white striper.
  • Silver Polish. You can achieve extreme elegance with white french tips and a silver design on top. The silver is one of the best investments as you can use it to add sparkle to any design.
  • Nude Polish. The height of elegance, nude nails. A great choice for an understated polished look, perfect for interviews and other moments in life when first impressions are important. Also makes french tips look that much more sophisticated.
  • Colored Polishes. A full rainbow is a good place to start. You can have a color for every occasion, slowly adding ore and more to your collection.
  • Black Polish. Handy for adding accents and depth this is found in every nail polish collection. Also simple black nails make statement.
  • Glitter Polish. An easy way to add some sparkle to any manicure, glitter polish is a huge part of my collection. It will never overpower the rest of your design and it dresses up anything.
  • Black Shatter Polish. When you are on the run but you still want a fancy manicure, black shatter is a great way to go. It looks great on almost any color and technically still counts as nail art.
So, now you know roughly what my collection looks like, and what I use the most. I think these are the most important elements of my arsenal though there's still many polishes I didn't talk about. And of course there's the nail polish remover which is really the most important tool of all as it is your eraser. Dotting tools, toothpicks, stamps if you'd like. And my absolute must-have, a plastic lid for when I need to use a toothpick. I put a drop on the lid and then dip my toothpick into the polish drop. There's many tools that I don't use like stamps and stickers but they might be useful to you. That's basically it, so have fun building your nail polish collection!