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Mount Douglas Park is a place to relax, exercise and enjoy nature. Every year, thousands of people visit this park to find inspiration and experience the bountiful extent of this mountain. Sometimes just to listen to the birds while taking a stroll, or sometimes hiking to the top to view the sunset. This mountain can show you incredible wonders that you have never foreseen! And this website, will take you there. No matter if you would like to explore the adventurous trails, if you would like to learn how to identify native plant species you see everyday (and if you'd like to taste the edible ones), if you want to learn about how this park came about, or if you would like to adore the peaceful views, you have come to the right place!

Providing not only gorgeous pictures and detailed guides, this website will also provide you some useful links. From Saanich Park's recommendations to the BC Government's plant identification tree book, this website's got it all! Excited? Open your heart, open your eyes. Put on your hiking boots and embark on this incredible journey!


These trees are where the park got its name. Douglas Firs are evergreen trees native along the west coast.


It sure is quite an experience to stand on the top, with the entire Victoria underneath your feet!

Mt. Doug

The mountain is not difficult and dog-friendly, so take your dog on the trip! The elevation is 205 metres in total, and the road to the top is about 1.5 kilometres from Churchill Drive. Yet, in total, there are over 21 kilometres of trails. Everyday afternoon, cars can go to the summit parking lot, but before 12:00, the gate is locked, encouraging hikers and bikers to roam about freely. Bring your paintbrush for an artistic epiphany, or bring lots of food for a delightful picnic!

Mt. Doug

Not only that it provides fresh air for a hike, and a gorgeous view for the eyes, this park also provides delicious and healthy plants for you to have a munch! On the right, this is an image of the Miner's Lettuce, noticeable by its round, lily-like leaves, and its little white flowers in the centre. These leaves are slightly salty, and taste just like lettuce! When you're tired on the mountain and want a healthy snack, take a tiny leaf for a bite (but don't take more than that). Explore the website, and find another munchy plant for you hungry people out there!

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