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An intro to Microprocessors.

Many people take computers for granted. When one thinks about how a computer works , they get a brain tumor. Computers have largely been improved since the 1960s. Your cellphone is more powerful than the computer they used to send a man to the moon. This shows how underrated computers are. The power of computers exponentially increases each year and the amount of people get ting into computer engineering does also. I will be focusing on one of the most important parts of the computer, the microprocessor. I, being only in grade nine, will not explain the VERY in depth parts of processing but just the very basics. My large focus will be the concept of latches, transistors, and gates. Even just this amount of knowledge will get you on the road to being less stupid, and will make you look past Facebook, YouTube, and lolcats and actually use your computer for good.

Intel 4004