4 Dimensions

Welcome to one of the many worlds the human brain cant perfectly depict! The 4th Dimension is a world of imagination and possibility. For example, could you imagine a hallway in which you could walk out one end and come in the other like a game of Pac man? That is a tad stereotypical of this specific number of physical dimensions, but it's very much possible.

V = S4

V = Length x Width x Height x Unnamed Direction

Here is the formula used to find the volume form of 4 dimensional cubes, or tesseracts. It looks simple at first, but try to picture a tesseract. ... Can't do it? We are stuck in the three dimensional world, so we have never physically seen or held one and never will (assuming you aren't a 4-dimensional creature from the future). Tesseracts simply consist of two cubes joined together through an alternate dimension which are able to rotate onto its mirror image.