A Planet of Pollution

Pollution is also a very big issue. Slowly the world is becoming polluted because of the enourmous amounts the human race is producing. The air is becoming polluted by the fossil fuels the factories are producing, and the oceans are getting polluted because of the huge amounts of waste that gets dumped into them.

There are many “green” companies that don’t release waste into the air, but the majority of industries are still ruining the environment by releasing major amounts of fossil fuels into the atmosphere. The fossil fuels never leave the atmosphere and stay in the atmosphere forever, which pollutes the air. This has drastic effects, like the smog in China for example, where you can barely breathe because of massive pollution.

Polluted Air

The second victim of pollution is water, the oceans to be exact. With the amounts of waste humans are producing, the oceans are slowly becoming polluted. Plastic is the biggest source of waste, and fish often mistake it for food, and die that way. That happens with a lot of animals, because they often can’t tell the difference between food and waste. There are a lot of documentaries and articles about this, and it’s very sad. Pollution also decreases the overall health of humans, because the quality of air and water are significantly worse. However, water pollution doesn’t only affect animals, but their habitats as well. The beautiful, coral reefs that once were are now grey and polluted, and the animals have gone on to find a new home, with most of them failing and dying.

Pollution ruins our ecosystems, and is something that must be stopped. Recycling is built to stop the vast amount of waste from being produced, but it doesn’t really do as much as you might think. It helps, but most of the waste is still being tossed out into our oceans on a daily basis, much more than recycling can reuse.

Recycling Bins

Pollution is starting to spread everywhere, it’s in the water we drink, and the air that we breathe. Many people in China have already gotten fairly sick because of the polluted air, and the smog is still spreading. Pollution, along with fossil fuels are the two major causes behind global warming, and it has to be stopped.