It is a problem that must be stopped.

It is something that is overtaking the world and must be stopped. At first, people thought it was a myth, but then people started noticing changes. The climate is worsening, animals are endangered and air pollution had already invaded many countries.

Polluted Air

My name is Alex, and I am here to inform you Pollution the threats and dangers of global warming. Terrorists will come and go, but the earth is our home (until we find a new one) and until then, we have to survive here. There are many problems and causes of global warming, but the main one is definitely fossil fuels. This is because there are many factories who constantly produce harmful substances into the atmosphere, permanently damaging it. This leads to air, water and climate pollution which is very dangerous and bad. Luckily, people have noticed this, and have started many projects against it. There are garbage-cleanup walks, eco-friendly and items and many other things. This has helped slow down the process but global warming still remains to be a problem, so that’s why we need everyone to contribute in order to find a solution. If you want, feel free to donate and help the entire population.

This started with the industrial revolution. When coal became massively used, industries would burn it, and it started releasing mass amount of harmful and nasty gases into the air. At first, it stayed in the air, and then slowly rose into the atmosphere. Back then, that didn’t seem like a problem, and there were no obvious short term side effects. After more than a hundred years however, people started noticing strange things. The water started to become polluted with plastic, the air polluted, and many animals dead due to the side effects of pollution. All that combined together to make one catastrophic effect: global warming. The earth started to get warmer, and while it may not be totally noticeable to the average person, there are many studies that have confirmed that it is happening.

cloudy sky

In fact, some people even thought that global warming was a myth! That is probably the reason why there are still many people that don’t care about global warming, because they don’t see the consequences that polluting the earth could bring. That and also the fact that by the time global warming becomes a catastrophic problem, they will probably be dead, so it makes absolutely no difference to them. Because of that, the younger generation has a very grim future ahead of them, especially if things keep being the way they are. Although there are electronic factories that use other power sources instead of harmful ones, the majority of factories still use oil and produce enormous amounts of waste. That is why I made this website, to inform as many people as possible Pollution global warming, so they would know just how dangerous and awful it really is.