Updates: What's New?
A Box of Chocolates
Here, we will be updating you on what's new in our company, and any products you should be looking out for!
Newly Released Truffles
New and Extravagant Flavour

We are so excited to be releasing a new truffle this year! Our chocolatiers have been working hard to bring this delicious flavour to you, so make sure to try the new Tiramisu Truffle in your next box.
Sweet Treats from Our Bakery!
Expanding Our Horizons

Last year, we began brainstorming ways to make more sweet delights for you to enjoy. This year, we are bringing those visions to life. We are opening up two new branches of the company - the Halvorsen Bakery and the Halvorsen Chocolate Bars. The bakery has already been established, and will opening its doors very soon. The line of chocolate bars will be coming out in the winter, so stay tuned!
Some Delicious Chocolates

Since we are opening two new branches of our company, we have decided to rename the branch that creates the chocolates we all know and love. The new name of this branch is the Halvorsen Sweet Shop. Just for clarification - these three branches (the Bakery, the Chocolate Bars, and the Sweet Shop) are all under the umbrella of Halvorsen Chocolates, so you will still see our logo on all of our products!