Corina Fischer
            Isabella Lam
            Luella Sun
            Lucy Wang
            Xingyi Liu

    My name is Xingyi. I play the violin and the flute. The friends who contributed to this site are     Bella, Corina, Lucy and Luella. All authors are currently in grade 9.

    All of my friends who contributed to this site are in band, except Luella. I went to Arbutus for     middle school and that's where I met Luella. She plays the clarinet and piano. Luella was in     band all through middle school, but this year she dropped out. Since she is not in any of my     classes, I only see her at lunch and occasionally before and after school. Luella is wonderful     artist though she doesn't believe it. She only contributed her art because I begged her.     Originally, she refused because she thought they were bad. (Everyone else disagrees     though.) When Luella grows up, her dream job is to work for Pixar Animation Studios.

    Bella and I used to go to Oaklands. We were in the same class in grade 1 and 2. Then I     moved to a different part of the city and we didn't see each other until the beginning of this     school year. Over the years we grew apart, but now that we see each other all the time, we     are good friends again. Bella plays the flute, alto saxophone, guitar and piano. Through Bella,     I got to know Corina and Lucy.

    Corina plays violin too. She and I are in strings together. She is an outdoors person and goes     hiking and camping on a regular basis. When I first met her, I cringed a little because she is     the type of person who is loud and does not care what anyone else thinks. I have gotten used     to it now and can see that she is a really cool person. Corina is unique and kind. I'm glad     we're friends though that does not change that fact that she like to talk loudly and be heard.

    Lucy shares a locker with me. Originally she was sharing a locker with somebody else, but     then she got kicked out. Lucy is the perfect predator. Her feelings and emotions are more     dimmed down than other people. She is crazy smart and is extremely good with numbers.     She is small and convincing and has a kid-like high voice and a really good puppy-face. It is     a bit annoying sometimes. I remember one time she told the music teacher that I played     piano well. Even though I denied it furiously, guess who he believed? Ya, that's right. She was     getting back on me for telling him she was a drummer (which, by the way, is true). Another     thing, no one bothered to tell me that Lucy + locker = locker issues. Locker issues as in, not     being able to open the locker and if you are able to open it, something will fall on you or not     being able to fit stuff into it and mysterious beeping noises. (Fortunately there are no rotting     food items.) But we are friends so I guess it's all ok.

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