• the "Back-up" talk
  • user accounts
  • meet the lab, lab rules
  • meet the computers
  • exactly what does "monitors OFF!" mean?
  • printing

Students are responsible for saving back-up copies of all their work. It is useful to have a GMail account and a USB drive. Topics to be Covered
How the Internet Works
Host/Client Relationship
Programming Concepts in Javascript:
  1. structures within existing code
  2. ways to modify existing code to meet a particular purpose
  3. strategies to predict effects of code modification
  4. programming language constructs to support input/output, logic, decision structure, and loops
  5. requirements of a problem statement
  6. ways to transform requirements into algorithms
  7. translation of design specifications into source code
  8. tools to aid in the development process
  9. pre-built libraries and their documentation
  10. inline commenting to document source code
  11. use of test cases to detect logical or semantical errors
Principles of Web Design
  1. Bootstrap
  2. JQuery
Platforms for App Development
Possibly: PHP, JSON, Databases
Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V demo in class
  • In class Intro to HTML 5, valid documents, and HTML elements.

    Useful HTML Resources
  • Valid HTML5 document (Explanation)
  • HTML Validator
  • HTML Reference
  • All of this material will be assessed by periodic quizzes.
    You and a partner will be assigned a topic in HTML. Your job is to teach it to the class. The following criteria must be met:
    • Demo it
    • Explain it
    • Teach the class how to add it to their HTML Hello World documents
    • Assist the class in validating the code they added during your lesson
    Presentations will begin Monday and continue next week.

    Proposed presentation schedule:
    Fri Sept 6 - Formatting, Quotations, Links
    Monday Sept 9 - Images, Tables, Computer Code
    Tuesday Sept 10 - Entities, Symbols, YouTube, Style Guide
    : In Class Lesson on how to use an external CSS file and how to apply basic properties to html elements.

    Useful CSS Resources
  • w3 Intro to CSS
  • CSS Validator
  • CSS Reference
  • All of this material will be assessed by periodic quizzes.
    In Class Lesson
    1. color names
    2. color values: Hex, RGB, HSL
    3. alpha channels
    4. modifying colours
    Useful Resources
    In Class Lesson
    1. classes
    2. ids
    3. pseudo classes
    4. more specific selectors
    5. media queries
    Useful Resources
  • Complete this website as shown
  • Validate the HTML and the CSS
  • This will be marked in class on Thursday. 10/10 if complete correctly and validates, 8/10 if any mistakes, 6/10 if you tried.