Create a new HTML file, with a new CSS file, and a new Javascript file. Use the w3Schools tutorials to learn basic JavaScript.
  1. w3 JavaScript Tutorials
  2. JS Events, DOM Event Reference
  3. Variables
  4. if..else
  5. for loop
  6. Dates, Date Get Methods
  7. Arrays
  8. Random Numbers
  9. Operators
  10. Objects

Assignment 2: JS Quiz Assignment

Using the QuizTemplate.html file provided by Ms. Wear, build a JavaScript Quiz that asks at least 10 questions, and give a final assessment.

Marking Criteria: tba
Explore the HTML Canvas.
  • Read this basic tutorial HTML Canvas.
  • Modify this Hangman Game to include 5 categories. NOTE: It uses SASS for the CSS, simply copy and paste the CSS, and replaces the SASS code with plain CSS.
  • Go through the W3 JS Game on Canvas Tutorials
  • Using the code from the W3 JS Game on Canvas Tutorials, make the following modifications:
  • (/5) modify it so that the square falls to the bottom of the screen because of gravity. To keep the square in the "air" use the up arrow or up button (Keydown and Keyup)
  • (/5) modify it so that when the square hits a wall, it bounces back rather than stopping the game.
  • (/5) the game will end when the square is pushed off the left side of the screen.
  • In class lesson and demonstration on the client server model.

    Demo: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error, IP addresses (via ping), Linux

    Watch the following video and answer the questions below in a Google docs document.
  • Watch The Client Server Model - Clients and Servers
    1. Define client.
    2. Give examples of a client computer.
    3. Give examples of a client program.
    4. What is a server?
    5. What is a virtual server?
    6. Who makes requests?
    7. Who provides repsonses?
    8. What is the client-server model?
    Watch the following videos and answer the questions below in a Google docs document.
  • Watch TCP/IP
  • Questions to answer
    1. Define protocol (Google it).
    2. Define TCP
    3. Define IP
    4. Define HTTP
    5. Define FTP (Google it)
    6. Define SSH (Google it)
    Quiz on questions answers under these topics.
    1. Do this exercise: Using Linux and SFTP through SSH
    2. As always, everything from this section will be quizzed on.
    • In class lesson on PHP
    • Demo: Create a list of 4000 random numbers between 1 and 100.
    • Resources: PHP rand(), PHP Loops
    • In class lesson on PHP Date Function
    • Demo: Use PHP to keep the copyright year on a website footer up to date.
    • Resources: PHP date(), PHP Loops
    • In class lesson on using text files to store data and PHP to display it in different parts of a website.
    • Demo: Text file formats can be formal (XML, JSON) or informal (your own design). Create a text file containing all of upcoming school holidays. Then write a PHP script that reads the file and displays the holidays in the content of a website. Then use HTML/CSS to beautify the display of the dates.
    • Resources: PHP file(), PHP Loops
    • Demo: Write a PHP script that reads the NEXT upcoming school holiday from the text file you created last day.
    • Assignment: Format the next holiday date so that it looks like a Joomla Extension or a WordPress Plugin.
    • Assessment:10/10 New fresh look with a widget feel, multiple changes to CSS properties of holiday name and date, good application of principles of design. 8/10 It looks like a widget, at least one change in the properties of holiday and date. 6/10 - all CSS properties on date and holiday the same.