Blender is open source 3D computer graphics software.

Download it from

The skills taught in class can be reviewed by watching the following videos: BornCG Blender 2.6 Tutorials 1-12.

Create a snowman using basic shapes. Add some trees and a plane for the ground. Color appropriately. Video: Building a Snowman. Use "smooth" in the tool bar to smooth your snowman.
  • Watch Edit Mode
  • Now add a mincraftish character, that you have modelled, to your snowman world.
  • Watch Animation 101
  • Watch Linking Objects(Parent/Child)
  • Make your snowman wave.
  • Explosion Modifier
  • Blow up an object in the snowman world.
    Reindeerzilla Create an animation with the following properties:
    1. The scene must contain a coloured snowman. (/3)
    2. The scene must contain a minecraftish animal that has multiple colours applied to it.(/3)
    3. The scene has a plane as a ground. (/1)
    4. The scene contains trees, and/or mountains, and/or at least two objects besides the snowman and minecraft character. (/3)
    5. Include any Location/Rotation/Scale animation: example: the snowman waves (with animation), his nose or hat falls off etc (/3)
    6. The explode modifier is used (usually to explode or to disintegrate an object)(/3)
    Due last day of classes (Jan 23)