1. To earn an extra 5% AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER ONLY, complete all of the challenge exercises for your grade.
  2. Print this form, fill it out and give it to Ms. Wear BEFORE the due date.
  3. Follow instructions on individual challenge.
Research Two's Complement on Google. Write a program that gives the binary representation of any short (-32768 to 32767). Solutions using the Integer class method "toBinaryString" will NOT be accepted.
Create a class that allows you to add and multiply imaginary numbers. Write a test program to demonstrate your class.
Math requirements:
Imaginary # A = 5 - 2i B = 3 + 36i
A + B = B + A = 8 + 34i
A * B = 87 + 174i
B * A = 87 + 174i
Learn about recursion. Write a recursive algorithm that prints the contents of a character array backwards. Use s1 = (JOP.SID("Enter a string:")).toCharArray(); where s1 is a character array, to convert user input to a character array.
If the user enters:
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth
the program would print to the console: htuom eht ni esroh tfig a kool t'noD
Demonstrate any advanced topic, may include a program, an oral presentation or whatever you can come up with.